Reading Entire Books in Bookshops // Cheeky or Not?

I don’t think bookshops need an introduction for bookworms out there. They are everything to us: friends, family, therapists, comedy shows and much more. However, the etiquette of browsing bookshops might need some clarifying 🙄

I visit the bookshop (bookstore? is there a difference?) around once a week against my better judgement. I know I shouldn’t when both my physical and virtual TBRs are teetering with brilliant books, but it’s the only place I want to go to (and the movies). And, as you can probably predict, I usually find a book or two (or three) to add to my TBR (because my guilt won’t let me read them straightaway). So, it occurred to me just the other day:

Why don’t I just read the books in the shop?

Now, before anyone thinks to send the mob after me, I haven’t…yet. I’m too self-conscious and overly polite to do so at the moment but it is something I’m wrestling with.

Here’s my reasoning as to why I don’t think it’s such a bad idea:

  • I’m not rich. Now, this isn’t the perfect excuse, but there are times when I will go to a bookshop and leave without having bought anything because I cannot afford to buy anything. What if there are people who are in a situation where they can rarely buy a book? And they don’t have a library near them?
  • I buy books I love. So, even if I finish the book in store, that’s no guarantee I won’t be buying it in the future.
  • Realistically, I wouldn’t be spending all day every day in the shop, reading one title after another. I go once a week at most, and even then only to spend around two hours there. So really, the chances of me reading an entire book are quite slim anyway, so the one time I do get the chance…I want to take it.
  • most bookshops have chairs, and very comfortable looking couches…need I say more?
  • a bookseller on Reddit made a really good point about ‘see a reader, be a reader’ and how the difference between online retailers and bookshops is atmosphere. This particular bookseller said it works to the bookshops advantage if they encourage people to read in their shops, they’d rather people weren’t overly conscious of the fact that they’re trying to separate us from our money. If people hang around and read, they’re more likely to buy books.

Like I said, I haven’t done it yet but I won’t lie: I would like to (unless there is a law preventing it, or an unwritten but universally agreed Code of Conduct for bookshops, in which case I won’t).

Am I the only one battling with these (potentially dangerous) thoughts?

Have you ever read an entire book in a bookshop? (if so, how did you do it?!!!)

Would you like to? (if so, defend me please!)

Let me know in the comments below 🤗

Keeping Up With The Hype, News and Announcements

Excerpt out for the Hunger Games Prequel!! // (Not Everyone is Happy)


I stumbled upon it during my daily news catch up. It’s on Entertainment Weekly and already there’s a storm surrounding it.

It appears people are not happy with the ‘hero’ of the prequel and are saying it’s a very bad choice on Ms Suzanne Collins part considering the current political climate.

But, considering these reactions are based on an excerpt, I’m willing to give Ms Collins a chance.

Here’s the link to the article for those interested in (or obsessed with) this new release:

Read the exclusive first excerpt

Book reviews

Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha // A Thought Provoking story about Racial Inequality

My rating: 4.5 stars

“Weren’t bangers that killed Auntie Ava,” Darryl spat. “I don’t understand you, Uncle Shawn. How can you act like it’s worse to shoot her than another banger? Someone like you. Or like me?” 

Shawn couldn’t answer him, and Darryl pushed through his silence. “After all this time, you buy into that bullshit. You of all people. That black lives don’t matter. That when you shoot at us, it don’t count. ’Cause we ain’t perfect. ’Cause we deserve it. But Jung-Ja Han don’t?”

Summary in a few words: heartbreaking, thought-provoking, makes you question yourself

I came across Steph Cha’s Your House Will Pay during a browsing session on Twitter and I added it to my list straight away. It was already being called ‘one of the most important books of 2020’ and pipped to ‘become a classic’. As is usually the case with books that are strongly recommended and find their way on my TBR never to be read again, I thought this one should not suffer the same fate so I promptly bought it on Kindle and started reading.

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Goodreads and Cancel Culture // A Match made in Heaven or an Unfortunate by-product?

I recently came across an article detailing the controversy behind author Amelie Wen Zhao’s recently released debut ‘A Blood Heir’ and it got me thinking (yes, I know: I’m very late to the party):

A little background info for those who are v.v.very late to the party like me:

Amelia Wen Zhao hadn’t even got off the starting block before her debut novel ‘A Blood Heir’ was ruthlessly critiqued and she was forced to declare her intention not to publish.

Now, being a member of more than one minority group, even I have to ask whether people are going too far when it comes to pointing out the (mostly) innocent mistakes of authors.

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Fictional Friends Tag

Two weeks into 2020 and I’m already behind on my posting goals! My reading list is still teetering too but at least this means my potential for boredom will be less (I’ve come to the conclusion that the size of your TBR is inversely proportional to potential levels of boredom: the bigger your TBR, the less likely you’ll be bored in the future as you’ll always have something to read!)

As I don’t have a review to post I thought it would be nice to start a cute little tag called the ‘Fictional Friends’ Tag. I’ve never started one, so I apologise if I go against common protocols! I understand tags aren’t everyones cup of tea, I didn’t think I would enjoy them so much (reading them that is, as I have yet to do one!) but I do, so…here’s one I made earlier 😀

When I think about my favourite part of reading, I would say it’s the fact that I get to meet such great people. Fictional people that is! 😉

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